We are a third generation family owned business started in 1908. One hundred years of building a solid reputation for delivering the highest quality products, on time, for a very competitive price. Our vents cost more, until our customers consider the time savings in easy installation, years of guaranteed reliability and the tiny difference in total cost of a new or replacement roofing system.
Our plumbing vent flanges/flashing do not require removing the old vent or shingles for installation • Ten year written guarantee when properly installed • Three top options to suit all weather conditions • No rubber gaskets to fail and allow water penetration • The telescopic design allows for roof expansion and contraction • Models to fit all applications.

Our competitors leave the white plastic plumbing pipe exposed to look cheesy in the sun. You can paint it, if you can find any that sticks.

The part that protects against water penetration is rubber, which deteriorates over time from the sun and  roof surface flexing. Replacing one requires removing  shingles, applying roofing tar sealant, and they don’t come with a written guarantee.