Download Olson Top Instructions

Vent pipe must extend 2" to 5" above base sleeve to allow for roof expansion and contraction. Cut off excess pipe above 5".

Place new vent pipe flange next to vent pipe and visually check pitch alignment.
If pitch adjustment is needed, push the flange hips in to increase pitch, pull the flange hips out to decrease the pitch.
Place the vent flange over the vent pipe and rotate into position under one or more rows of shingles.

Upper flat section of flange must be completely covered. If necessary, rotate under two rows of shingles and trim shingles to fit.
Center base sleeve around vent pipe for equal air circulation. Apply solvent weld to top edge and 1/2" down the outside of the PVC pipe. Slide the Olson Top into position and allow to cure.
Insert a utility knife in the top cone, cut down to feel the inside edge of the pipe. Use the inside edge as a guide to carefully cut out and remove the cone.
Use embossed guides around perimeter of the base flashing to securely nail the base to the roof.