Teddy Roosevelt was President in 1908 when Francis J. Moore borrowed $100 from his father to start his own business. F. J. bought a mule, cart and the tools he needed to fabricate sheet metal products by hand, one at a time.

After ten years of working and experimenting he'd perfected a unique two part plumbing vent flange for roofs, the patent for which was issued on September 18, 1918. The design remains unchanged to this day.

Frank Moore loved to improve the design of the tools and products he used. Over a fifty year span he was issued sixty more patents for products as diverse as locks, farm gates, brakes and toilet roll dispensers.

Now in the third generation celebrating one hundred years as a family owned business, we appreciate the dedicated employees, distributors, dealers and loyal customers who made it possible.

Great Grandpa Frank was focused on manufacturing the very best products: roof plumbing vent pipe flanges and flashing of the highest quality, superior design, long lasting functional reliability at a fair price. His design has not been improved upon, and neither has his focus as our company philosophy going forward.